Monday, November 7, 2011

New York highlights

Where do we start?

First stop - The Rockerfeller Centre

Top of the Rock (67 floors up with an optional 3 further floors to go !!)

The majestic Statue of Liberty from our river cruise.

The rising structures of the new World Trade towers being built at Ground Zero.

Central Park - beautiful weather and a lovely day out.

Dancing on Ice in Central Park

OK remember the moment in the Disney film when Bambi tries to stand up on very shaky legs? Well imagine the same concept for a 6ft 3" bloke wearing a metal blade on the bottom of some clunky boots and you will get the idea of how Mr H's ice skating went. Add to that he had a 5 year old clinging on for support but who desperately wanted to skate!!! But you know what, that was some determination he showed!!!

This is a really short summary of the best bits of our trip.

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