Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Let me in, let me in!

Little Z couldn't wait to get into the classroom today and there was not a backward glance to Mummy and Daddy. She came out at lunch time bouncing. Apparently she had been on the computer today and not "the boring stuff - it was brilliant stuff". That's about all we could get out of her other than she was really put out that she couldn't go back in the afternoon!!

School uniforms at the ready

Don't they look gorgeous???

School time

It was back to school for AJ today and it was also little Z's first day at 'big school'. She has been so excited and couldn't wait for today to arrive. We have been counting the 'sleeps' since we came back from holiday.

From the minute she woke up there was a big smile on her face as she was finally going to school with AJ.

All good things come to an end

Our last night onboard. We had eaten more food than you could ever imagine, tried activities we wouldn't normally get a chance to (Merengue, Viennese Waltz, Cha Cha and Tango dance classes, ice skating, basketball, table tennis, crazy golf, rock climbing to name but some), enjoyed the luxuries of the spa treatment (well Mrs H did!), enjoyed the Kids Club (all of us benefited from that!) and had been entertained with an ice dance show, flamenco performance, Beatles tribute band concert and a mixed entertainment evening. All in all a fantastic holiday and the children are already asking when we can go again!! Highly recommended even though there was a nasty bout of sea-sickness which caused 3 of us to miss the Captain's Dinner! We love Royal Caribbean cruises !!!

More activities to try

After proving to be quite handy (eventually) at the ice skating, Mr H and AJ had a go at the inline skating onboard. They look quite the part actually!

A hard day's night ..

It's hard work doing all this partying on holiday!

Dancing the night away

Little Z was definitely the party animal on the dance floor on the ship. Any music and she was up there showing off her moves!! Mr H and AJ also joined in on this occasion!

All dressed up

Grandma and Grandpa looking extremely glamorous on one of the formal evenings onboard.

Cool in Corsica

AJ mastered the dark shades and hat look in Corsica.

Beautiful Corsica

Corsica was the one place we decided to get off the ship for a wander. The childrens playground and the outdoor market selling French pick and mix sweets proved to be a hit with the children - I wonder why!!!!!!

Hang in there

AJ and Mr H both successfully conquered the rock climbing wall several times. It was at the top of Deck 14 and was at least 20ft upwards. It was HIGH!!

Tee-ing off

Anyone for a round of golf?? The crazy golf course was on the 14th deck (yes you read that right - 14!!). The views were amazing but it was a bit tricky if you overshot!!!

Towel art

Every evening our stateroom attendent Vincent delighted the kids with a different animal created out of the bath towels.

Onboard shopping

The facilities onboard the Royal Caribbean Adventure of the Seas were impressive. There was even a whole shopping street just for Mrs H to wander along!!

Impressive sight

This was the first glimpse of our cruise ship in the taxi from Malaga to the port. It was as enormous as it looks!!!

Aqua antics

Daddy had fun in the water with AJ and little Z and even Grandma ventured in!!!

No fear

Little Z impressed everyone with her repeated jumps into the pool.

Water babes

Little Z and Daddy were having fun trying to re-enact the scene from the film Dirty Dancing where Jennifer Grey is attempting a dance lift with Patrick Swayze in a river!!!

We're all going on a Summer holiday - Weds 25th Aug

Our hols started off in Malaga for a couple of days to acclimatise ourselves to warm weather before our cruise. We based ourselves in the Novotel Malaga airport for convenience and whilst the location was a bit challenging to find eating establishments (and particularly anyone that spoke English - Grandma and Mrs H had to speaka da lingo mostly!!!) the facilities were more than adequate. Swimming pool and hotel towels - what more can you ask for!!!!!!!

Project update

OK well I know I promised to try and keep the blog up to date but have failed miserably. Since my last post, we have had the outside of the whole house painted, the interior decorated, new flooring completed, new carpets, master bedroom decorated and carpeted, new wardrobes fitted and have managed to fit in 2 work trips to London for Mrs H and a family holiday with Grandma and Grandpa to the Med. Lots of photos to follow!!!