Sunday, January 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Mr H

Mr H celebrated his birthday recently (don't tell anyone I told you he was 44!!!!).

Sporting achievements

AJ has been busy lately with an under 17 badminton competition, an inter-schools badminton tournament (their school came runner up) and he passed his Grade 3 fencing certificate. Mum and Dad are very proud.

Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your hair

Little Z was so excited when she had made her Amazon purchases using her Christmas gifts. She was so thrilled that she played with the box and the packaging rather than the contents!!!!! She does do a pretty mean impression of Rapunzel though!

If you eat your crusts you get curly hair....

If that doesn't work or you won't eat them then resort to curlers!!!!!

Happy Birthday AJ

We can't believe it - our little boy is 12 years old already. Happy birthday to you!!!!! xxxxx

Happy New Year

The late night New Year's Eve celebrations took their toll on Mr H who really couldn't keep up with the drinking and just wanted to sleep!!

Olly Murs eat your heart out

Me and my girl

Little Z was feeling particularly cuddly and lovey after one of our Christmas meals.

Christmas Day later on

One of the funniest but trickiest presents was little Z's unicyle with stabilisers!!!! Much amusement could be seen in Farmhill on Christmas Day morning in the drive way. Good thing it had the stabilisers and Daddy otherwise it could have been nasty!!!

Chrismas Day delight

As usual there was a mountain of presents to open on Christmas Day. Both AJ and little Z had so many lovely gifts they didn't know what to play with first!!!