Thursday, November 10, 2011


As if we didn't have enough to occupy ourselves with upon returning to the Isle of Man (suitcases to unpack, mountains of washing, kids to get ready for school etc) it was Hallowe'en on the first day back at school.

We invited some friends round and did hot dogs for tea and then went out to do Hop tu Naa which is the Manx celebration of this event. Instead of Trick or Treating, the kids have to sing a song about "Winnie the witch who flew over a ditch ........... " and then get an offer of sweets.

Little Z and her friend P looked the cutest witches ever!!

The end of the holiday

Came about all too soon and we packed up and headed back to London Heathrow. We had booked in a quick stop in London before returning to the Isle of Man and took a flight on the London Eye and managed to see 'the Queen's House! i.e. Buckingham Palace in case you were wondering!!!

Little Z's 6th birthday in New York

Our beautiful little girl had her 6th birthday whilst we were in New York. She was allowed to decide how we spent the day and believe you me, we have a phobia of toy shops now!!!!

The day started at 5am with "Mummy, it's my birthday" which was met with "Yes lovely, that's right but go back to sleep it's only 5am"!! Needless to say, she didn't and neither did we.

So there we were by 6.45am eating birthday cup cake and Danish pastries and a much needed takeaway of Starbuck's best!!!!!

Next stop (all dressed in our best birthday dress and tiara!!) was the Build a Bear factory on 5th Avenue. So many bears and so many outfits to choose from.

Little Z chose a bear whom she named Lilly who ended up with a whole wardrobe of clothes and AJ picked a Star Wars bear with both Jedi and Darth Vader outfits.

There then followed :-

FAO Schwarz (including a play on the giant floor piano)

MacDonalds for birthday lunch (yes but she is only 6 and it was the biggest meal she ate the whole time we were there!!)

Toys R Us (a ride on the in-store ferris wheel)

The Disney Store

The M&M Store (an obscene amount of money spent on M&Ms!!!)

By which time we were shopped out, spent up and ready for our hotel room.

We all slept well that night I can tell you!!!

Monday, November 7, 2011

New York highlights

Where do we start?

First stop - The Rockerfeller Centre

Top of the Rock (67 floors up with an optional 3 further floors to go !!)

The majestic Statue of Liberty from our river cruise.

The rising structures of the new World Trade towers being built at Ground Zero.

Central Park - beautiful weather and a lovely day out.

Dancing on Ice in Central Park

OK remember the moment in the Disney film when Bambi tries to stand up on very shaky legs? Well imagine the same concept for a 6ft 3" bloke wearing a metal blade on the bottom of some clunky boots and you will get the idea of how Mr H's ice skating went. Add to that he had a 5 year old clinging on for support but who desperately wanted to skate!!! But you know what, that was some determination he showed!!!

This is a really short summary of the best bits of our trip.

Half term holiday - New York, New York here we come!!

It finally arrived - our family trip to New York for half-term (which also happened to include little Z's birthday).

First of all we flew to London and Mrs H's brother kindly came to pick us up to spend the day with the Guildford clan before flying to New York. The cousins were so excited to see each other and a very happy 6 hours were spent. There were many tears at Heathrow airport and requests to buy a house to live in near the family in Guildford!! (Lottery win anyone??)

The boys had a great time playing with Lego and I am sure the older boys were the most entertained!!!

We had a great time and a lovely lunch out - thank you so much and we wish we could see you more often! xxxxxx

Badminton Tournament

AJ took part in his first badminton tournament of the season which was for under 13's.

He did really well and reached the quarter finals in the boys singles, semi finals in the level doubles and semi finals in the mixed doubles.

Must have been down to the new Yonex shirt I was conned into buying at the Commonwealth Youth Games!!!

Isle of Man Ink

Mr H finally got around to getting the tattoo he wanted for his 40th birthday - only 4 years late!!!! Not sure what had stopped him from getting it donebefore but he assures me it wasn't that painful!

Commonwealth Youth Games 2011

The Isle of Man had the honour of hosting the Commonwealth Youth Games in September and Mrs H took AJ along to watch the badminton finals (what else!).

It was an amazing experience and the level of play was phenomenal - the shuttlecock moved so fast I couldn't see it!!!!

Sept - 2011 Back to school

AJ starts high school and doesn't he look so smart??

Summer Hols

Turkey in August is very very very hot!!! We did have a good holiday although Mrs H wasn't really impressed with the standard of accomodation to say the least!!

July - Aug update!!!

Well, I really have been remiss when it comes to updating this blog but I have to put that down to the amount of stuff we do!!!!

Some key events to note:

  • AJ took his Grade 1 trumpet exam and passed with Distinction. Mrs H's nerves nearly couldn't take the stress!!!

  • Both children received really great end of term school reports.

  • AJ finished primary school for good!! High school in September - no way, where did that time go to?????

  • Little Z achieved her proficiency level in gymnastics and also received a special award for her effort in her gymnastics class which were both presented to her at an awards evening.

  • Mrs H bought a new car - wasn't looking, wasn't planning to but said goodbye to the convertible and went for a more sensible :( family practical car!

  • Grandma and Great Auntie I came over for a week to look after the children in the school holidays. It was great having family to stay.

  • Mr & Mrs H had a big clear out and did a big car boot sale which went well and made some money!!!