Monday, December 14, 2009

Further entertainment to be had ....

After an action packed morning at both gymnastics and then the Santa train, there were more festive activities to attend. AJ was a Wise Man in the Sunday School KB Club Christmas Nativity called 'Rock the Baby'. Mummy's artistic talents were required to make matching headgear for the outfit.

After a really nice performance we all stayed for tea in church. Lots of sandwiches, crisps and jelly. I hope someone cleaned those pews - that's all I can say!!!

Santa train annual trip

It was the most glorious day here in the Isle of Man on Sunday, cold and crisp with sunny blue skies. After attending the gymnastics Christmas party first thing in the morning Mummy and Daddy surprised the children with a trip on the Santa Groudle train. Parking at the top of the steepest road you have ever seen wasn't ideal but we all lived to tell the tale afterwards (just!).

A great morning had by all.


AJ hasn't had a haircut recently and is now doing a grand impression of either of the Jedward twins!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Breaking news

AJ has been selected to the Island Badminton squad - brillilant news and we are very proud of him.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Britain's got talent!!...

Well, the Isle of Man nursery schools do. This is little Z giving a rendition of 'Santa Got Stuck Up The Chimney' - practising for the Christmas concert next week. Enjoy !!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A bicycle made for two ...

Little Z bought herself a new bike with her birthday money. She was so excited when it arrived especially as she had picked one with a seat on the back just for Pooh bear.

A bumper crop!!!

It has taken months but we finally did it - we got a tomato (that looks like tomatoes should) from our tomato plant!!!! Shame it didn't taste so good but we will take Daddy's word for that as no-one else likes tomatoes!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

X-factor opinion

Whilst watching the X-factor, the following conversation was had:

Little Z - "Mummy - why do those boys look the same"? (Jonathan & Edward in case you hadn't guessed)

Mummy - brief explanation of identical twins

Little Z - "why do those boys talk the same"?

Mummy - Reinforcement of the identical twins explanation

Little Z - "That's silly"

Enough said!!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

A very happy birthday girl

The smile says it all - little Z has had a lovely day and is now hopefully dreaming about chocolate hedgehog cake, stamper ink sets and a microphone with really irritating tunes on!!!!

Disney Princess

The Snow White outfit went down a treat!

Favourite birthday present???

Little Z was most impressed by the karaoke microphone that AATO bought her for her birthday. Not sure Mummy and Daddy share her enthusiasm guys!!! Could be up there on a par with 'I want candy' (which I would like to point out was going round and round my head in work this morning!!!)

Happy birthday to you .....

Some big moment nerves when it comes to being centre stage!!!

Little Z is 4 today!!!!

Our little baby is 4 years old today. Mummy decided to make the birthday cake from scratch herself (amidst panic that nowhere had caster sugar and the cocoa powder ran out at the 11th hour!!). The end result was quite impressive even though I do say so myself!!

Bye bye family

Sadly, Thursday came all too soon and we had to say goodbye to AATO amid lots of hugs and tears and may promises that we won't leave it another year until we get together again. We miss you guys. xxxxx

Trust me I'm a doctor

Would you let this man diagnose your ailments????????

Family bonding time

The children ( and the not so little children!) indulged in some gingerbread people decorating.

I'm forever blowing bubbles ....

Aaah - so cute xx.

Fun outside in the sun

Hey Daddy, I want me one of these please!!! Little O thoroughly enjoyed playing on the Tweenies scooter.

Wacky races

Mmmm - Dr and Mrs C decided to have some fun on the Didi cars and both being of a competitive nature it turned into a race. The ending is just classic - watch and enjoy!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Like father like son

Brother and nephew having a cuddle. See - it is sunny in the Isle of Man sometimes!!!!

Mother and daughter bonding

Sister-in-law and niece decided to spend some quality time together and opted to ....... play on the Didi cars!!!! See later postings for some amusing video footage.

Much fun had in IOM

Lots of hilarity and a wonder that there wasn't a noise abatement order served at the property on one occasion when the adults took to the Singstar game on the Playstation.

Due to threatened litigation from several interested parties, the evidence will not be published on this blog. Suffice to say that it has been stored for future use!!!

Apart from that it is just too damn embarrassing to publish anywhere that the public might see it!!!!!!

Mwaah darling

Little O puckers up!

Farmhill rocks!!

The day dawned at last for AJ - he got to bring his trumpet home from school!! Mum and Dad are off to Boots to invest in some ear plugs for a while!!!!

I am the music man - I come from far away .....

Mmmm - I do hope that Dr C is as adept with the surgical instruments he uses!!!!

AATO arrive from the UK

After a tense wait for confirmation that the family had actually made it to the boat, the IOM clan were really excited to see cousins/brother/sister-in-law. What was the first thing they did? Put fluffy pink ears on baby O - who didn't mind in the slightest as he had much more interesting things to do such as emptying out Auntie Y's cupboards!!!!

Raaaah said the dinosaur!!!

Mini mode

Little Z thought Mummy's new expensive boots were great fun to wear!

Enough now

No more photos please - I have said cheese enough now!!

School photo time

School photo day - 9th October. AJ off school sick and Z not at all happy. End result? Truly awful school photos which we are certainly not ordering. We decided to do our own 'portrait' sittings at home and the results are a million times better!!!

Updating blog.

it has been a while since I have updated the blog for one reason or another. Am now back in the swing of things - enjoy!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

First day back at school

AJ went back to school to Year 5 and Z started her very first day at the school nursery today. Don't they look smart?

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mmm - must be in the genes!!!

Uncle S entertaining the children!!!!!

Last evening - dinner with the family

A great evening had by all.

Last day on the beach - Fri 28th Aug

The sun was out but the wind came too - we were nearly sandblasted and had to find ourselves a new beach today. Luckily we found one with a walled pier and were able to take shelter from the wind.


Z took an unscheduled dip fully clothed in the sea!

Budding master builder - Thurs 27th Aug

AJ spent ages building his monster sandcastle (with a little help from Daddy).

Surf's up

Height of fashion on the beach - Thurs 27th Aug

Thursday dawned cold, wet and grey but the kids wanted to visit the beach again. Off we went with picnic and lots of optimism!! It was freezing cold yet the lure of the sea was irresistible! A unique fashion sense was called for.

Shopping Day - Tues 25th Aug

Only Mrs H could find loads of clothes bargains whilst on holiday. The kids were more impressed with their treat from the toy shop!!

First day on the beach - Mon 24th Aug

The weather held out for us to spend our first day on the beach.

Teddy Bears' Picnic day out at Jersey 'Zoo' - Sun 23rd Aug

A beautiful sunny day in Jersey and it was the annual Teddy Bears Picnic day at the Durrell Wildlife Conservation park (known as the 'zoo'). Teddies and picnic in hand we spent a lovely day with Granny and the favourites were definitely the meerkats, monkeys and the ice lollies!!!!