Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Even the Isle of Man gets snow occasionally.

And boy did we get some snow this week. The island ground to a halt, schools have been closed for 2 days and it took us that long to get the car off the drive!!! We have had some fun in the snow though!

Arty shot!

Mummy was having fun taking photos of the sunset on the way back from the beach. Note the strategically placed seagull!

A little fresh air

To blow away the New year cobwebs we decided to go to the beach for the

I'm forever blowing bubbles

On a bitterly cold New Year's Eve AJ and Mummy decided to try out his giant mega bubble maker. Fab results but serious risk of frostbite only just narrowly averted!!

Our very own Tinkerbell

Little Z loved her new Tinkerbell wings. Remember the story? Tinkerbell is the naughty fairy from Peter Pan? Hmmmm ........

Pretty in pink

Little Z loved getting dressed in her best party frock on Christmas Day.

A balancing act

After succeeding in dragging him away from his new PSP on Christmas Day, AJ was finding balancing on his pogo stick a little difficult!

Christmas Day Fun

Little Z was overjoyed with the presents that Santa left - including De-Li !!

A cuter reindeer you couldn't see!!

Move over Rudolph - little Z is the cutest reindeer in town!!