Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Budding musician

Little O took a shine to Grandpa's birthday harmonica.

Self portrait

AJ and Mrs H had some fun taking photos of themselves when we went out for dinner.


Cousins galore

Grandpa's birthday parties (note the plural) were a great excuse to get together with family that we haven't seen for ages. There were cousins and 2nd cousins a plenty!! And it was really great spending tme together.

Happy Birthday Grandpa

We had gone to Liverpool as it was Grandpa's 60th birthday. We had a fabulous time and Grandma did an amazing job of organising everything. We really enjoyed having birthday cake 3 times over the weekend!

Portraits a plenty

Whilst in Liverpool Mrs H finally managed to work out some of the functions of her camera - which she has had for nearly 2 years now!! Some lovely results.

Fishy feeling

Whilst in Liverpool Grandma arranged for herself, Mrs H and little Z to have their nails painted. Whilst in the salon, we realised that they had the feet nibbling fish treatment available. Now Grandma has always wanted to do this and Mrs H has refused point blank but feeling in holiday mode she eventually agreed, so into the fish tank went our feet - taking it in turns obviously - we didn't want to overfeed the fish!!! Mrs H hated the whole experience as it felt so wrong having fish nibbling your feet and burrowing in between your toes - yeugh!! Grandma says she would do it again - but once bitten (forgive the pun!) twice shy for Mrs H.

Birds Eye View

A trip to Liverpool was happening during half term and Mrs H and AJ and little Z boarded the Ben-my-Chree bound for Heysham. Coincidentially, it was the same evening that the Red Arrows were performing during TT week. We were sat in the harbour onboard ready to leave which was a brilliant vantage point.

Half term horsing around!

Half term arrived at the start of June with some beautiful weather. Mrs H was off work with the children and we decided to visit the Home of Rest for Old Horses. This is a locally run charity who look after horses who are no longer working or fit for riding. There are some retired tram horses living here. AJ and little Z spent a good hour talking to and feeding the horses. Mrs H declined the pleasure!! Little Z talked them into submission!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

TT 2011

Mr & Mrs H and little Z went to watch some of the bike practise races on Weds night (which we haven't done for many years). The sidecars were our favourites.

Bank Holiday Monday fun - May 2011

As the weather was so gorgeous over here on Bank Holiday Monday, we decided to make the most of it and spend the day in the garden. We got out the new hula hoop and AJ and little Z both managed really good hulas!!

Badminton tournament no 2 - May 2011

AJ took part in another tournament against Lothian and Yorkshire - this time in the Isle of Man. The age group was higher and it proved a really tough competition. At one point AJ was playing the u13 Scottish no 1 player but he managed to get a good number of points off him. The Isle of Man team played their hardest but the visitors were much stronger and won the tournament. Well done AJ.

Jersey holiday

After Mrs H returned from Gibraltar, it was straight to Jersey to visit Granny for a holiday. We had a lovely time and the weather was gorgeous.

Working in Gibraltar - Apr 2011

Mrs H spent most of the last week in April working in the Gibraltar office which was great. She also spent the weekend in Malaga with her friend S who was running a half marathon. She finished it faster than the previous year in sweltering conditions - at one point in the afternoon the temperature topped 32c. Mrs H came back with red bits!!!!!

Royal Wedding fever - Apr 2011

Little Z and Mummy joined in with the street party held at school the day before the Royal Wedding. The Reception and Year 1 children had made such a fab effort with all the bunting and decorations and the mummys all came dressed in their best dresses and hats (including Mrs H). A great time was had by all. Little Z particularly enjoyed the tiara decorating activity.

Badminton tournament - Apr 2011

AJ had a good time at the tournament in Yorkshire although it was tough competition. He did win some of his doubles matches and Grandma and Grandpa had even driven up to support him and the team which was really great of them.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Superheroes are us - April 2011

It was super hero day in school and AJ and little Z made use of various items in the house to go to school as Superboy and Supergirl (how handy was that??"!!!!!). Actually they look really good.

Back blogging again

I know it has been months since I last posted any updates on the blog but I am about to make up for it now!