Tuesday, April 27, 2010

April - Daddy's Girl

'Project Renovate' - Task 2 The front garden - update

What a difference a digger, some large rocks and the removal of some soil makes. We now have our very own Stonehenge in our front garden and are delighted by it. We have people knocking on our door asking who did the work as they are so impressed. Our neighbourhood street cred has just gone up in leaps and bounds!!!

'Project Renovate' - Task 1 - The Patio - update

After a lot of hard work, excavation and laying of new slabs, the patio is now complete. Builder S also noticed the rather grubby state of the lower patio and taking pity on us offered to pressure clean it so as not to detract from the new pristine one.

'Project Renovate' - task number 2 - The Front Garden

Having successfully resolved the issue of 'The leaning patio of Farmhill', we engaged aforementioned builder to do something creative in the front garden. For those who have seen the front garden, the tatty sloping lawn's sole purpose was to provide a channel to make a mudslide for the water that regularly flooded the road outside our house!!! Too many bushes, weeds and some seriously scraggy grass just about sums it up!

Roll up Builder S and his trusty digger.

'Project Renovate' - task number 1 - The Patio

The patio was in dire need of relevelling and reflagging. Simple job you may think - mmmm that was until our builder informed us that the 6ft high patio was in danger of falling over into the garden unless we sorted out some support !!!

Roll up the new 'Berlin Wall'.

March - Party princess

Little Z had a fantastic time at her friend's birthday party and was delighted with her butterfly face painting.

Back on blog duty

I have been very remiss and haven't updated our blog lately but all is about to change. We have had an excuse due to the decision to do some major house improvements which could have done with having a full time project manager appointed - failing that Mrs H has had to take that role on!!!!!