Monday, November 7, 2011

July - Aug update!!!

Well, I really have been remiss when it comes to updating this blog but I have to put that down to the amount of stuff we do!!!!

Some key events to note:

  • AJ took his Grade 1 trumpet exam and passed with Distinction. Mrs H's nerves nearly couldn't take the stress!!!

  • Both children received really great end of term school reports.

  • AJ finished primary school for good!! High school in September - no way, where did that time go to?????

  • Little Z achieved her proficiency level in gymnastics and also received a special award for her effort in her gymnastics class which were both presented to her at an awards evening.

  • Mrs H bought a new car - wasn't looking, wasn't planning to but said goodbye to the convertible and went for a more sensible :( family practical car!

  • Grandma and Great Auntie I came over for a week to look after the children in the school holidays. It was great having family to stay.

  • Mr & Mrs H had a big clear out and did a big car boot sale which went well and made some money!!!

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