Monday, January 31, 2011

Where did January 2011 go????

It only seems like 5 mins ago that it was Christmas with all the chaos that it brought. Since then AJ has turned 11, Mr H has got another year older too. Football, dancing, badminton and gymnastics were all back with a vengeance once school opened again. AJ won the first badminton league he joined and moved up to the next level which is proving challenging. Mr & Mrs H made a decision about summer holidays and we are off to Turkey in August. Mrs H joined in the family no 2 sport of fencing and managed to sustain a knee injury almost straight away!! Grandma and Grandpa popped over for a quick visit from Liverpool which was really nice especially as Grandpa hadn't been to the Isle of Man since April 2010. Mr H was promoted in work and we are all very proud of him. Little Z was awarded her first trophy in badminton club for trying the hardest last week and is so proud. Phew!!!!

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