Friday, July 9, 2010

Project update - the flooring

This has been one of the most labour intensive 'improvements' for me and Mr H. The 'hardwearing, industrial strength' flooring actually scratches if you so much as look at it! We have had to stick protective felt pads to the bottom of every piece of furniture and that is after we have gone through the initial cleaning process.

Once the plywood base has been laid and the flooring finally put down, we (yes Mr H and I) have to go through a process which takes about 3 hours and which includes mopping with special solution to strip excess adhesive, scrub to lift the aforementioned adhesive, clean, dry and then apply two coats of glow polish (in opposite directions) and then leave to dry overnight!!!

The results are impressive but we didn't realise there would be quite so much manual labour
involved on our behalf (and it has to be repeated every 6 months!!!). The whole process has meant that our formal dining room has been used as the main store room for all our belongings out of every room and has resembled something out of Steptoe and Son for the past 4 months and still does!!!!

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