Monday, July 13, 2009

Failt royd !

Failt royd is Manx Gaelic for 'welcome' and this is a big welcome to all our family and friends. Having seen how brilliantly my younger brother A keeps us all up to date with the antics of him and his family, we thought it was about time we did the same as we all live so far afield. For anyone reading this and wondering who on earth we are and where we are, this is the Isle of Man branch of the family!!!!! You know, little island in the middle of the Irish Sea, cats with no tails, 3-legged men and motorbikes a plenty!!!!!

Mrs H decided that as she has time on her hands (excuse the pun) since having her wrist operation 10 days ago that it would be better put to use updating a blog rather than any more bidding on eBay (much to Mr H's relief - not to mention our bank manager's!!!).

Anyway, once I have worked out how to do all the fancy things such as adding pictures and videos, I will share the amusing antics of our little darlings (!!) A and Z with you all.

Manx phrase of the day :-

Hello - Dy bannee diu, Ta shiu/oo cheet!

1 comment:

  1. Great blog. Well done for setting it up. That was the hard part, now the extra posts are fairly quick and easy to add.

    Look forward to seeing more photos and videos soon.

    Love to you all.